The history of Bartomeu Terradas, Futbol Club Barcelona and…. Casa de les Punxes.

The history of Bartomeu Terradas, Futbol Club Barcelona and…. Casa de les Punxes.

Bartomeu Terradas is known as a iconic figure of the football world. History teaches us that the football club FC Barcelona should be grateful for this man thanks to a number of high-profile incidents. Bartomeu was the first treasurer of Futbol Club Barcelona and its second president. But his relationship with the club goes beyond these two facts. 

First a few short facts about Bartomeu and his life.  Bartomeu Terrades was born in 1874, for the experts among us: 25 years before Futbol Club Barcelona, popularly known as Barça, was founded.

Bartomeu Terradas was born into a bourgeois business family along with three sisters: Àngela, Rosa and Josepha and all of them would later live in the Casa de les Punxes.

The start of FCB. Bartomeu became one of the twelve founders of the Futbol Club Barcelona, a club that nowadays has a reach on a worldwide scale while Bartomeu became one of it’s central figures. 

One of the most historic moments was the first game of FC Barcelona, at the time still a small club in which Bartolomeu played and became moreover the first treasurer. After a while he became the second president of the club and the first Catalan. Not only did he help the club with these positions but he was also one of the first patrons of FC Barcelona. Imagine what this club could have started without this figure at the time….

When the club had to leave the first football field where they played, Terradas contributed 14,000 “pesetas” to rent the land where the second one would be located. With this amount of money he actually saved Fc Barcelona from a bankruptcy at that time! This event is another example of a moment where the club would not survive well without Bartomeu.  

During the years of Terradas’ presidency, Barça won its first title: the Macaya Cup in 1902. A year before his father died and he had to take over the family business. That year he also married Pilar Soler Julià, with whom they had ten children. A turbulent year for Terradas. 

Bartomeu played a total of 31 matches and stopped playing in 1903. He started to move away from Barça in 1905. When the professionalization of the club and the players led Terradas to feel that he was losing the initial concept of the club, Bartomeu came up with a new concept. Between these years he asked the two guys Puig and Cadafalch to build a house for his sisters, which would end up being the monumental  Casa de les Punxes.