Minicards Madrid & Valencia

Minicards Madrid & Valencia

Who: Rubén Martin Barriga

What: Minicards Valencia and Madrid 🇪🇸

Part of the Minicards network since: 2009

Number of employees: 10 working for his company GrupoDream

Exploits also: Minicards desk maps

1. What was your biggest lightbulb moment or insight concerning Minicards?
“Minicards is a strong, simple product. That realization came mainly during the economic crisis, when I noticed that our revenues hardly decreased. In Spain the only sector that suffered the least from this crisis was the tourism industry. That has given me even more confidence in the product and has always inspired me to continue with Minicards Spain. In addition to the cards, we also distribute the desk maps in hotels in Madrid. With a circulation of 600.000, we are the largest operator in the city. That’s a great achievement.”

2. What is your biggest challenge right now?
“In fact, I always want to keep growing; in customers and in distribution points. That motivates me constantly. But I would also love to add a few institutional clients to our portfolio of advertisers, such as the Prado Museum and the Reina Sofia Museum. Such advertisers are good for our brand and because of the high number of visitors, many tickets are submitted. Which works well for such a measurable product as Minicards of course.”

 3. What’s big food for thought for the future?
“We are exploring whether it is profitable to place digital screens in hotel lobbies, so we can offer a wider portfolio and increase our impact. And minor detail: there is a demand from our advertisers for such screens, so we feel we have to respond on that.”  

4. What’s the most wonderful or remarkable thing that ever happend at your business?
”Multiple things! For example, our Minicards have been on Spanish television several times. Also the fact that Minicards are known all over the world. Many of our customers already knew about Minicards, because they saw our product abroad. And last but not least: we have a fanatic collector of Minicards regularly asking us to send him the latest versions. Amazing, right?”

5. What’s your biggest lesson about the Minicards business?
”Keep on going and never give up: that’s what it takes to run my business. And even more important: always go for quality and advertisers that really benefit tourists.”

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